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Highlights & Challenges

The High Voltage Tester GHV1000-75-15 is used for testing medium voltage components such as power transformers, switchgear and cables.
We have developed and delivered 10 devices that perfectly meet customers’ specific requirements for output power and ambient temperature.

  • Voltage 0 .. 75kV AC

  • Current 200mA

  • Power 15kVA

  • robust, mobile and safe

Our Solution

The GHV1000-75-15 has been designed according to customer specifications for high output power and extended operating temperature contions.
The system consists of a control unit and a high voltage unit. This allows comfortable operation from a safe distance. The robust version on castors enables mobile use of the device in different locations. The setting of the current and voltage limits and the display of all measured values are made on a 7 ” TFT touch display.
The system is protected against short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature and equipped with the safety features emergency stop, key switch, warning lamps and interlock.

Based on this GHV1000 approach we are able to design other solutions that fit different requirements.

Model GHV1000-75-15
Output Data  Voltage 0 .. 75kVAC – Power 15kVA – Current 200mA continuous, 400mA short circuit for 1s
HV Transformer Single pole, oil-insulated, maintenance-free, high voltage bushing
Power Supply 2AC400V +/- 10% 50-60Hz, 50A, 18kVA, 63A CEE plug
Measurements Output voltage 0 … 75kV AC
Output current 0 … 200mA, 0 … 20mA
Transformer input current 0 … 50A
Accuracy 2.5% of range
Ambient conditions Indoor use, operation temperature 5-40°C (5-55°C with output current derating),
Storage temperature -10°C-60°C, relative humidity max. 90% (non-condensing), max. altitude 1000m
Protection Adjustable overcurrent limit, overvoltage, overtemperature
Safety features Emergency stop, warning lights, interlock loop, interlock key, Safety control unit for operation according to  EN50191
Extra Features HV unit and control unit with swivel castors for easy transportation ,  Build-in printer for results
Dimensions / Weight Control unit 553x600x1567mm (WxDxH), 100kg, HV transformer unit 500x500x1400mm (WxDxH), 300kg, approx.
Included Accessories HV connection cable, 2m
Ground connection cable, 5m
Connection cable Control Unit – HV Unit, 5m
Power supply cable 5m with CEE 63A plug, 10m
Earthing rod with ground connection cable, 2m
  • High power AC test system
  • Compact solution with 2 units
  • Mobile solution on castors
  • PLC Control
  • Operation via 7‘‘ touch display
  • Adjustable overcurrent protection
  • Oil insulated transformer
  • Full safety features
  • Safety control unit
  • Emergency stop button
  • Emergency stop loop for external button
  • Safety door interlock loop
  • Red / Green warning lamps
  • Monitored start with separate button
  • Key switch
  • Consulting
  • Planning
  • System construction
  • Software development
  • Commissioning on site
  • Operator training

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