Heat Run Resistance Measurement System GRM1000



This solution was specially designed for resistance measurement after heat run tests on transformers, chokes, electrical motors and other products according to the standard IEC60076.

  • Winding Resistance Measurement after Heat Run Test

  • Precision Resistance Measurement with Microohm Resolution

  • Switching matrix for up to 64 channels

  • Adjustable Measurement Current

  • PC Controlled System for Remote Operation

System Setup



During heat run tests the maximum internal winding temperatures must be checked in order to verify the product design. The maximum internal winding temperature can determined by cyclic measurement of winding resistance during the cool down phase after the heat run test. This has to be done at all windings of a transformer.


For this task a lot of resistance measurements need to be done in a defined time interval. The resistances can be very low and the winding inductance can be very high. During heat run test the voltages and currents can be high, the switchover to resistance measurements must be done quickly after finish of the heat-run test.

Our Solution

The transformer is connected to the measuring system before the heat run test. The voltage proof inputs allow a permanent connection during the heat run test. When the heat run test is finished, then the measurement system is activated and does a cyclic resistance measurement on all windings according to the configuration. Our software controls the measurment system and transfers the measurement data to the PC, where they are displayed, stored and evaluated.