Inductance Measurements

LI-Series, The High Current Inductance Analysers with Pulse Voltage Source

Our LI analysers offers the possibility to identify the inductance characteristic of a choke over a wide current range with only one measurement. This method easily allows to verify the inductance and saturation behavior as well as the resistance.

High Power Densitity

Compared to other high current inductance measuring methods, the size and the weight are significantly lower. The advantage of the LI Series is that chokes can be tested which are larger than the device itself. Therefore, it is excellently suitable for mobile use.

Scalable Performance

Scalable Performance

The LI units are available in three versions. They differ in the available energy and the maximum current, but have the same functions and software.

The right device is always available for your requirements.

3-Phase Choke Testing

Three-phase chokes can, of course, also be tested. This is possible with manual reconnection or automatic switching through our 3-phase extension unit.

Our software ensures the right test sequence and the simple evaluation.

Connectivity and Integration

The device is controlled by our LI software. The communication between the PC and the device can be done via USB or Ethernet. So, you can use the device separately or integrate it into a system. Additionally, it can be integrated into existing safety circuits and can be operated externally. This allows you to extend an existing test field simply without any limitations.

The Software – Clear, Simple and Intuitive

Our Software provides an easy and intuitive handling. You can enter the rated values of the choke and the maximum current. The necessary test voltage is calculated automatically. After the measurement is finished you will see the measurement curves of voltage, current and inductance. The winding resistance is measured too.

You can save the results, open an other measurement as a reference or verificate the results with the aid of limit values. There are many more features. See below for the main features.

Also, the software can generate a protocol from the measurement data. Here is an example:

Download example protocol (PDF)

Main Features

In addition to the simple and intuitive operation, we have implemented a lot of features to make the software better. Here are the main features.

  • Save and load measurement results
  • Export as Excel / CSV file
  • Quick save of the graphs as images or hardcopy the whole program window
  • Compatible with the 3-phase expansion
  • Combined resistance measurement
  • Comparing Measurements with reference data
  • Indication of limit values
  • Individual test certificates
  • Automatic and manual determination of current limit and test voltage

Ready for production environment

If you want to use our Inductance Analysers in a production environment for routine tests, please have a look at our Test Software Suite

The Applications – Your Benefits


The LI series enable easy verification of prototypes. Due to easy and fast measurements and high current capability the LI instruments are the ideal tool during development.

Routine Testing

With the system integration ability and several software and hardware options the LI series allow efficient routine testing.

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Maintenance and Replacement

In many railway and industrial applications, high-performance reactors have to be measured, repaired and replaced. The LI series allows accurate characterization and comparisons.

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