TTS1000D Series 3-36kV

Distribution Transformer Test System according to IEC60076

High throughput by automated test sequences with a minimum of manual interaction.

Comfortable Operation and Reporting

Solfas Test Suite 2 software for TTS1000D series guarantees a maximum of flexibility and a minimum of interventions to keep the test duration as short as possible.

After transformer connection the TTS Transformer Test System is completely operated via a control unit PC. This allows safe, quick comfortable testing from remote. Test plans for each transformer type allow the exact repetition of individual test sequencences. Test reports are automatically generated and stored.
The TTS1000D makes transformer testing easier, faster and more safe.

TTS1000D included Test Steps

  • No Load Loss and Current

  • Short Circuit Impedance and Load Loss

  • Induced AC Voltage

  • Voltage Ratio and Vector Group

  • Winding Resistance

  • High Voltage AC

  • Heat Run

More test steps required?

We can add additional test steps by optional components.
See the options here

  • Short Circuit Voltage and Losses
  • Voltage Ratio and Vector Group TTS-L
  • Induced Overvoltage
  • Winding Resistance
  • Insulation Resistance
  • High Voltage

One Transformer, One Test Report

After each measurement. For each transformer.

Transformer Test System Report PDF
Test reports are automatically generated after each test and stored on a file server. They can be conveniently retrieved from your desktop.
  • Automatic report generation

  • Detailed results for each test step

  • Highly readable

  • Pass/Fail view

  • PDF format

  • Customizable template

TTS1000D System Overview

The Distribution Transformer Test System Setup*
Transformer Test System 1000D Series System Overview

*The final setup depends on the system you have chosen, on your requirements and on site conditions.

Safety First

The system is equipped with safety devices in accordance with EN50191 to protect the operating personnel from dangerous electrical voltages. Various accessories are available for optimum adaptation to individual workplace requirements.
TTS 1000D with safety fence 3D view

Technical Specifications

Model TTS1000D TTS1050D TTS1100D TTS1200D
Output Power Without
54kVA 108kVA 216kVA
Sine Power Supply
Output Power Ranges1 2
250V 125A
500V 63A
750V 42A
1000V 32A
1500V 21A
250V 250A
500V 125A
750V 84A
1000V 63A
1500V 42A
250V 500A
500V 250A
1000V 125A
2000V 63A
3000V 42A
Transformer Rating
Routine Test3
Up to 1MVA
3…36kV 2%…8%
Up to 2MVA
3…36kV 2%…8%
Up to 4MVA
3…36kV 2%…8%
Transformer Rating
Heatrun Test3
Up to 500kVA
3…24kV 2%…6%
Up to 1MVA
3…24kV 2%…6%
Up to 2MVA
3…36kV 2%…8%
Output Frequency 50Hz-400Hz
Power Measurement Precision power analyzer , Basic accuracy ±0.01% Rdg+0.02% Rng
Winding Resistance4 4-wire Measurement, Resolution 1 µΩ , Accuracy ±0.03% Rdg+0.015% Rng
Switching Matrix 8 Connection Points for Automatic Voltage Ratio and 4 Wire Winding Resistance Test
High Voltage Test1 Separate Unit, 100kVAC, 10kVA 100mA continuous , 20kVA 200mA 1h ON 23h OFF
Insulation Resistance Test voltage 500V, 1000V, Resistances up to 2GΩ
Safety Features Complete plug & play solution for safe testing according to EN50191
Connections for emergency stop buttons , up to 5 safety sensors, warning lamps
Power Supply Weight and Dimensions (WxHxD)[mm] 1100kg
1) Customized ranges are available
2) Ranges for 50…60Hz, output current derating for 60…400Hz
3) Range limits must be considered , please contact Solfas for details
4) Option for higher resolution available

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