GPD2000 Series

Partial Discharge & High Voltage Test

All-in-one Partial Discharge Test System according to IEC602070, IEC60664-1 and IEC61730-2

  • Sine high voltage supply

  • Integrated Safety System

  • PD Measurement Unit

  • Solfas Test Suite 2 (PD & HV tests included)

What are partial discharges?

Partial discharges are a result of local electrical stress concentrations in the insulation or on the surface of the insulation which lead to electron movements.

Partial discharge in a tip-plate electrode assembly caused by incident radiation - Copyright Faruku

How do they occur?

Partial discharge can be described as small electrical sparks that occur in windings whenever there are small air gaps or voids in or around the insulation. Once sparking occurs, the windings start to deteriorate. The larger the void in insulation, the larger the possible discharge resulting in possible machine failure.

3 Form Factors. From 12 to 100kV

From small to extra large test objects – we’ve got you covered.


Compact 19” rack with integrated high voltage unit and test cabin for smaller test objects like optocouplers, power semiconductors or transformers. For test voltages up to 12kV.


With integrated high voltage unit for test voltages up to 25kV.


With external high voltage unit for test voltages up to 100kV.

Low distortion electronic AC source

The energy-efficient and low-interference electronic AC power source enables precise and fast regulation of the output voltage during partial discharge measurement. The rate of voltage rise and the output frequency are adjustable. PD are measured with a high precision instrument. The remote control via PC allows testing from a safe distance.

Take advantage of Solfas Test Suite 2

Since all GPD Models are shipped with Solfas Test Suite 2 you can take advantage of an easy-to-use interface to run your PD tests. Create and modify your required test sequences with the built-in test plan editor. Run the measurement and save your results in an easy-to-read PDF report.

Define your test voltage sequence

Set voltage steps, duration and slope to fit your custom or IEC standard test requirements.


One Test Object, One Test Report

After each measurement. For each test object.

PDF Test Report
Reports are automatically generated after each completed test sequence and stored on a file server. They can be conveniently accessed from your desktop.
  • Automatic report generation

  • PDF format

  • Detailed results for each test step

  • Highly readable

  • Pass/Fail view

  • Customizable report template

Technical Specifications

Model GPD2100-6 GPD2100-12 GPD2200-25 GPD2500-50 GPD2500-100
Output Voltage 6kV 12kV 25kV 50kV 100kV
Output Current 100mA 100mA continous, 200mA for 60s
Output Power continuous 0.6kVA 1.2kVA 2.5kVA 5.0kVA 10kVA
Output Power for 60s 0.6kVA 2.4kVA 5.0kVA 10kVA 20kVA
Output Frequency 50..60Hz 1)
High voltage transformer Single pole, cast-resin-type, maintenance-free Single pole, oil-insulated, maintenance-free
Input Voltage 1AC 230V±5% 50-60Hz 1) 3AC 400V±5% 50-60Hz 1)
Input Current 6A 16A 16A 16A 32A
Measurements Output voltage, Output current, Transformer input current,
Current accuracy 1.0% of range, Voltage accuracy 2.5% of range
Protections Adjustable overcurrent limit, overvoltage, overtemperature
Safety Features Emergency stop button, warning lights, Interlock key, conection for external safety interlock,
connection for external emergency stop buttons
PD Coupling Capacitor 1nF
PD Center Frequency Range 0..2.5MHz
PD Bandwidth 100kHz, 300kHz, 1000kHz
Dimensions Cabinet Unit (WxHxD)[mm] 553x1667x600 553x1667x600 600x1700x500 600x1700x500 600x2100x500
Dimensions High Voltage Unit (WxHxD)[mm] internal 540x700x540 540x830x540
Weight 110kg 140kg 230kg 210kg + 180kg 320kg + 220kg
1)other on request

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