eDrive & Automotive Energy System

Bi-directional DC power supply for automotive testing and simulation applications.

  • Power up to 440kW

  • Voltage up to 1000V

  • Current up to ± 2000A

  • Isolated output

  • Control modes: voltage CV, current CC, power CP

  • Touch display and ethernet remote control

  • Safety system with load disconnection

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Vehicle Battery Testing

Battery charge/discharge & Battery cycling


Test Bench Supply

DC Power Supply
for Inverter Tests & eDrive Motor Tests

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on-board Network Simulation

Battery Simulation and ECU Testing under realistic conditions

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Electrical Components

Regenerative Load
for DC Energy Systems like fuell cells, PV systems

Technical Setup

97% Efficiency

Besides the high efficency of the bi-directional test system it provides extensive setting options which can be accessed via the touch display or an optional PC as control unit running a remote control terminal or Solfas Test Suite 2 for complex test sequences. The complete remote control allows safe testing from the control desk and increases productivity and safety.

It allows a wide variety of loads with capacitive, ohmic or inductive characteristics to be operated.

Regenerative DC Power Supply

The PSD100 series power supplies are able to source or sink current, the energy flow can be in both directions.
By the high efficient power electronics an output voltage with low ripple is generated.
Output voltage and current are measured and controlled with high accuracy.

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Technical Specifications

Model PSD1100 PSD1200 PSD1300 PSD1400
Output Power ± 150kW ± 220kW ± 330kW ± 440kW
Output Voltage 200V – 1000V
Output Current ± 500A ± 1000A ± 1500A ± 2000A
Efficiency >97%
Input Voltage 3AC 380-690V 50-60Hz
Input Current 180A 360A 540A 720A
Measurements voltage, current, power, accuracy 0.2%
Protection Overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature
Safety Features Emergency stop, safety Interlock, output contactor
Weight and Dimensions (WxHxD) 411kg
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