Transformer TTS1000C


Control Transformer Test System

Test System for 1-phase and 3-phase control transformers and DC power supplies according to IEC61558

The complete Plug&Play solution

The alternating double test cabin enables fast testing by establishing the next connection during the ongoing test.

TTS1000C 3D

The systems are equipped with safety double test cabin, emergency stop and warning lamps and provide safety according to EN50191.

Comfortable Operation and Reporting

The Solfas Test Suite 2 software for TTS1003C and TTS1005C guarantees maximum flexibility and minimum intervention to keep the test duration as short as possible.

Create and edit test plans on your office PC and save them on a network drive. By using a barcode scanner you can load the assigned test plan on the TTS directly.  Test plans for each transformer type allow the exact repetition of individual test sequencences.

TTS1000C Test Steps

  • No Load Loss and Current

  • Voltage Ratio and Vector Group

  • Induced AC Overvoltage

  • Winding Resistance

  • High Voltage AC

Test Step Options

  • Ground Bond (PE Conductor)

  • Insulation Resistance

  • Output Voltage with DC Load

…and other test steps are available on request

  • Winding Resistance
  • Voltage Ratio and Vector Group
  • Induced Overvoltage
  • Insulation Resistance
  • High Voltage

One Transformer, One Test Report

After each measurement. For each transformer.

Distribution Transformer Test Report Example
Test reports are generated automatically after each test, saved on a file server and can be easily accessed from an office PC.
  • Automatic report generation

  • Detailed results for each test step

  • Highly readable

  • Pass/Fail view

  • PDF format

  • Customizable template

Technical Specifications

Model TTS1003C TTS1005C
Output Power 1-phase 3kVA 3-phase 5kVA
Sine Power Supply
Output Power Ranges1
250V 12A
500V 6A
1000V 3A
250V 12A
500V 6A
1000V 3A
Transformer Rating
Typical up to 15kVA
Output Frequency 50Hz-400Hz, Option for Induced AC Voltage Test with 3000Hz
Power Measurement Precision power analyzer, Basic accuracy 0.02% Rdg + 0.02% Rng
Winding Resistance 4-wire Measurement, Resolution 1 µΩ, Accuracy 0.03% Rdg + 0.015% Rng
High Voltage Test 0.1 … 6kV AC, 500VA
Insulation Resistance (Option) Test voltage 500V or 1000V, Resistance up to 2GΩ
Ground Bond Test (Option) Test current 10 … 30A AC
DC Load Test (Option) Programmable DC Load, Current up to 30A, 80V, 400W
Safety Features Complete plug & play solution for safe testing according to EN50191
Alternating Double Test Cabin, Emergency Stop and Warning Lamps
Dimensions 1800x2100x1100mm
1) Customized ranges are available

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