The IND2000 Systems are specially designed for high troughput routine tests of power chokes in industial production.
All test steps are performed after a single connection whereby a high efficiency and safety is achieved. Automatic testing with test plans for every product and automatic test certificate generation speed up testing process, safe time and improve quality.

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  • Inductance with Sine Voltage

  • Inductance with Pulse Voltage

  • Winding Resistance

  • High Voltage

  • Surge Voltage

  • PE Conductor

Easy Operation with an intuitive Software Interface

Our mulitlingual testing software allows comfortable operation of the whole test system, even for unexpirienced users.


Create comprehensive Reportings

Transform your test results into machine readable outputs like xml or csv or create managment reports and test certificates in PDF or Excel file format.

Full Characterisation

The IND2000 system offer an AC sine current inductance measurement as well as an pulse current measurement to allow a full characterization of the choke, even beyond saturation.

Precision Measurements

The AC sine inductance is measured with a precision power analyser, the saturation measurement is performed with the LI4000 High Current Inductance Analyser.
Click here to see the LI-Series

Model IND2000 IND2100 IND2200 IND2400
Output power Impulse only 10kVA 20kVA 40kVA
Output power ranges
Sine measurement
24V 250A
48V 125A
100V 60A
200V 30A
400V 15A
24V 500A
48V 250A
100V 120A
200V 60A
400V 30A
24V 1000A
48V 500A
100V 240A
200V 120A
400V 60A
Output frequency 50Hz-200Hz
Inductance measurement Precision power meter, Basic accuracy 0.04%
Pulse current inductance measurement Energy 3000J, Current up to 4000A, Voltage up to 450V
Winding resistance 4- wire measurement, basic accuracy 0.2%
High voltage test 0.1 … 6kV AC, 500VA
Surge voltage test (Option) 0.3 … 3kV
PE conductor test (Option) Measurement current 10 … 25A AC
Safety features Emergency stop button loop, safety circuit for test cabin doors, warning lamps
Complete solution for safe testing according to EN50191
Dimensions (WxHxD) 600x2100x600mm 1200x2100x600mm 1200x2100x600mm 1800x2100x600mm
Weight 270kg 460kg 540kg 730kg
  • PC controled test system
  • Comfortable , multilingual software for operation
  • Free configurable test flow
  • Saturation test with up to  4000A
  • Sine inverter power supply
  • Safety according to EN50191
IND2100 Power Choke Test System
Sine current output up to 250A
Pulse current output up to 4000A
IND2200 Power Choke Test System
Sine current output up to 500A
Pulse current output up to 4000A
IND2400 Power Choke Test System
Sine current output up to 1000A
Pulse current output up to 4000A

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