Project Description


This test system solution was designed for routine tests of 1-phase and 3-phase transformers and chokes according to IEC60076 and IEC61558.
It is optimized for testing high power transformers or high current chokes with a rated voltage up to 1kV.

  • For Transformers up to 2000kVA

  • Output Voltage up to 1500V

  • Output Current up to 3000A


For an efficient use in industrial production a test system needs the ability to adapt to test requirements of a broad product range while keeping the testing process easy, quick and safe.
Here the special requirement is the capability to do power choke tests with up to 3000A, but to keep the system still flexible and usable for small products.
Of course the operator safety is very important, as high power electrical tests are always very dangerous.

Our Solution

Our inverter power supply solution provides all required test voltages with variable frequency. 14 power ranges are available for optimised adaption to the variours test requirements of high power transformer and chokes.
The automatic switching of the measuring points and the remote control of the power supply allow complete testing with single connection and increase productivity and safety. This system is fully equipped with a safety control unit, e-stop buttons, safety doors, safety fence  and a light curtain for test area according to EN 50191 to provide maximum safety for the operators during every day work.

Transformer and Choke Test Steps

  • No Load

  • Short Circuit

  • Voltage Ratio and Phase Displacement

  • Induced AC Withstand Voltage

  • Inductance

  • Surge Voltage

  • Winding Resistance

  • High Pot (AC Withstand Voltage)

  • Insulation Resistance

  • Protective Earth

  • Temperature Sensor