High Voltage Test System GHV3000


High Voltage Test System with Electronic Power Source

  • Voltage up to 100kV

  • Current up to 200mA

  • Power 10kVA or 20kVA

Powerful high voltage tester for medium voltage components such as power transformers, switchgear and cables.

Precision Voltage Control.

By the innovative and efficient frequency converter technique, a sinusoidal output voltage with low harmonic is generated. The voltage is precisely measured and regulated. The remote control via PC allows safe testing from the control room.

Technical Specifications

Model GHV3000-10-100 GHV3000-20-100
Output Power 10kVA for 60s, 5kVA continuous 20kVA for 60s, 10kVA continuous
Output Range 100kV 100mA1) 100kV 200mA1)
Output Frequency 50-60Hz 1)
High voltage transformer Cylinder type, single pole, oil-insulated, maintenance-free
Input Voltage 3AC 400V±5% 50-60Hz1)
Input Current 16A max 32A max
Measurements Output voltage, Output current, Transformer input current
Current accuracy 1.0% of range
Voltage accuracy 2.5% of range
Protections Adjustable overcurrent limit
Overvoltage, overtemperature
Dimensions Control Unit (WxHxD)[mm] 600x1600x600 800x1900x600
Dimensions High Voltage Unit (WxHxD)[mm] 540x830x540 540x830x540
Weight 210kg + 200kg 320kg + 200kg
1)other on request

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