High Voltage Test Systems

High Voltage Test System with Electronic Power Source


This advanced test system delivers up to 50kV, making it ideal for evaluating a wide range of components, including transformers, chokes, motors, semiconductors, switchgear, and cables.

Leveraging state-of-the-art frequency converter technology, it produces a clean sinusoidal output voltage with minimal harmonic distortion. The system ensures precise voltage measurement and regulation.

Full remote control via PC enhances safety by enabling tests to be conducted from the control room, significantly boosting both safety and productivity.

Intuitive Interface for Seamless Operation

Enhance your testing process with the GHV3000’s intuitive user interface, crafted for effortless operation and precise control. Its user-friendly software guarantees smooth navigation and efficient testing procedures. Easily adjust voltage ramp, current limit, and testing time while viewing real-time values during tests.


High Voltage Testing with Precision, High Power, and Advanced Features

Applied AC High Voltage Test

Output voltage up to 6, 12, 25 or 50 kV

Precision and Accuracy

High accuracy measurements and precise regulation

Complete Remote Control

Full remote control over Ethernet with SCPI commands

High Output Current

Output current up to 800, 400, 200 or 100mA
Adjustable overcurrent limit

Rapid Voltage Adjustment

Fast voltage regulation

Compact design

19” Rack, Dimensions 550x600x600mm

Advanced Electronic Source

Fast, precise and maintenance-free electronic source, Integrated power factor correction

Full Safety Features

Safety features according to EN50191
Connections for e-stop buttons, safety sensors and warning lights

Configurable ramp function

Exact control of voltage rise time

Key Benefits

for Advanced High Voltage Testing


Precise Voltage Regulation


Fast Voltage Adjustment


Voltage Ramp


Remote Control
from PC

Technical Specifications

Model GHV3000-5-6 GHV3000-5-12 GHV3000-5-25 GHV3000-5-50
Output power 5kVA (60s ON, 180s OFF)
Output power 2.5kVA continuous
Output range 1) 2) 6kV 800mA 12kV 400mA 25kV 200mA 50kV 100mA
Output frequency 50-60Hz 2)
High voltage transformer
Input voltage 3AC 400V±5% 50-60Hz 2)
Input current 10A max.
Measurements Output voltage, Output current, Transformer input current Current accuracy 1.0% of range Voltage accuracy 2.0% of range  
Protections Adjustable overcurrent limit, overvoltage, overtemperature
Safety features Internal emergency stop, connection for external emergency stop, connection for one safety interlock, warning lights, key switch, start and stop buttons
Control unit dimensions (WxHxD) 550mmx600mmx600mm
Control unit 63kg
Dimensions HV unit (WxHxD) [mm] On request On request On request On request
Weight HV Unit On request On request On request On request
1) for 60s ON, 180s OFF, output current 50% for continous operation 2) other values available on request


Applications for Safety, Routine Testing, System Integration, and PD Tests

Safety Tests

In applied AC high voltage testing, electrical devices are exposed to controlled high voltage conditions to assess their performance, durability and safety. It assesses the integrity of the insulation, detects defects and ensures compliance with safety standards. This test is crucial for checking the reliability of electrical systems in industry and power distribution.

Partial Discharge Tests

The GHV3000 is an essential tool for partial discharge (PD) testing, known for its precision in voltage adjustment and high accuracy, which are critical for obtaining reliable results. One of its key features is the ramp function, which enables a controlled increase in voltage over time. This feature is particularly valuable as it facilitates accurate detection and analysis of partial discharges by allowing testers to monitor the PD activity under gradually increasing voltage conditions, thereby ensuring a thorough and precise evaluation of insulation performance and system reliability.

Transformers, Chokes

The GHV3000 is a high-precision instrument for transformer and choke testing, offering accurate voltage control crucial for reliable diagnostics.
Its ramp function allows for a gradual increase in voltage, aiding in the thorough detection and analysis of performance and potential faults.

Motors, Switchgear

The GHV3000 is an advanced test device for motor and switchgear, offering precise voltage control and high accuracy essential for thorough diagnostics. Its ramp function allows a controlled increase in voltage, facilitating the detection and analysis of potential faults. This ensures a comprehensive evaluation of the performance and reliability.

Cable Systems

The AC high voltage test for cables evaluates insulation integrity and electrical performance. By subjecting cables and accessories to controlled overvoltages, technicians assess their resilience against normal operations and potential faults. This test identifies defects such as insulation breakdown or partial discharges, ensuring compliance with safety standards and operational needs. Crucial for power transmission, distribution networks, and industrial applications, it ensures the reliability and longevity of cable systems.


The AC high voltage test for semiconductors evaluates the performance of insulating sections under electrical stress. It verifies device reliability and compliance with safety standards critical to power electronics and semiconductor manufacturing.

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